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Carol Portrait 2.jpg

Carol Wright

Growing up in a family of photographers not only nurtured her natural “eye” but also afforded Carol two “on-call” mentors to teach her the ins and outs and lights and darks of the technical side of the capture.


Both her Father and Grandfather were professional photographers shooting with Manual cameras using 35mm film - the REAL kind of photography. Naturally Carol fell into their same groove and became a specialist in both 35mm and digital.


At the early age of 17, her Father introduced her to the darkroom where she developed both color and black and white film and also created prints. She learned to “burn” and “dodge” manually before Photoshop enabled photographers to do these edits with the swish of a mouse.


Carol’s skills “developed” extremely quickly (pun intended). She went on to continue learning about lighting, backgrounds, posing, spacial aspects and focusing tricks. She’s also turned into an incredible PhotoShop guru rivaling other graphic artists.


The honing of her skills for over twenty years along with her great attitude and ability to handle even the most difficult of subjects, has facilitated her to be a very well sought out “artist” in the Valley of the Sun. Carol continues to carry out the family legacy of amazing photographers which she holds very dear to her heart.


Carol and Liana met in 2010 when they were both hand picked to be part of a local “star-studded” musical production to raise funds for under-privileged kids. They both sang and Carol also played Cello in her mesmerizing melodic style.


The two songstresses quickly became the best of friends through their commonality of the love of music, animals and especially photography!!!


You might catch them running around an awards ceremony capturing the surprised looks on the winner’s faces or being sneaky with their cameras to catch the most intimate moments of a wedding, or even being front and center at any party to catch the biggest smiles and silly expressions!

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