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Liana Harrison, REALTOR & Drone Pilot

At the age of 11, Liana’s father handed her a completely manual 35mm film camera and said “I entered you in a photo contest. Go take pictures.”

After winning first and second prize, Liana went on to sell prints of those photos and others at her parent’s Big Cat Park in Williams, Oregon. 


That sparked a love of photography that evolved into photojournalism. Liana’s first article was published at the age of 27 in the Coastline News in Laguna Beach, California which was owned by the L.A. Times. The article about her sister and beloved dog received so much public response that the Newspaper hired her as a freelance “stringer” (which means she wrote weekly) along with taking dozens of photos of special events, profiles, political rallies, parties, fundraisers, high school and grade school events/sports and scenery. 


After getting her Batchelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton in Communications which at the time included journalism, public relations, marketing and photography, she worked at large advertising agencies in Orange County, California.


Building her own Darkroom in her house was a dream come true. Liana would manually develop film and create prints of her artwork with an enlarger. Her love of black and white photography lead her to create interestingly abstract images along with great wedding and portrait photos.


This lead to a 10-year freelance journalism and photography career with a construction magazine  Southwest Contractor Magazine renamed ENR (Engineering News Record), a Global publication.


Her work in construction lent itself well to working in Real Estate. Liana attained her Real Estate license in 2006 and became an investor doing flips with her own construction crew as Eclipse Real Estate Team. Knowledge of construction has been extremely beneficial even to her photography clients because she is able to catch flaws and other issues with a property and report them to the listing agent which enables them to take action before a professional inspection is ordered. 


Liana and the other photographers of Eclipse Photography and Marketing are a great asset to any team. They are always eager to help sell or rent your listing and have a vested interest in the Real Estate market. They are honored to be part of your marketing strategy and believe that YOUR success is THEIR success!!!

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